BĒS Associati

BĒS Associati

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BĒS Associati springs from the partnership between some Milanese professionals with one idea in common: to combine their different expertise, experience and professional careers into a shared project aimed at interpreting tax and business consultancy as a high quality, handcrafted service in what is an age of commodities.

With that idea in mind, the top resources of Sorefisa S.p.A. (founded in 1974 and which, over the years, has combined trust and financial auditing activities with a wide range of services in the tax and business consultancy sector), joined forces with the over twenty years’ experience of the Firm of Mr. Paolo Bifulco and his closest colleagues.

Bifulco and Sorefisa: BĒS Associati.

This personal and professional alliance is now a studio that has chosen the heart of “old Milan” as the location for its new offices.

The result is a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the local and national scenario, and part of Alliott Group, an international association of professional, dynamic and fast-growing firms, to meet all their clients’ possible needs as their business expands beyond national frontiers.

Alliott Global Alliance and the International Network

It is a great source of pride to be a part, through Sorefisa S.p.A., of Alliott Global Alliance for so many years. An international circuit of independent firms set up in 1979 and winner of several awards, it brings together over 160 professional firms from major countries worldwide, including tax and administration consultants, auditing companies, legal firms and business consultants.

This commitment to internationalisation means we can accept jobs and flank clients with interests in a number of markets, being able to rely on professionals that operate in the main jurisdictions without having to involve third parties. All this with the utmost transparency and cost clarity, and absolute regard for the relationships we have with our clients.

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