Corporate governance and financial audits

Corporate governance and financial audits

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The professionals at BĒS Associati can boast extensive experience in both corporate governance as well as financial auditing, many of them having worked in some of the leading international auditing firms.

Work at BĒS Associati always takes into account the changes to auditing regulations and of the latest and most efficient auditing tools and approaches, with the goal of giving the client a made-to-measure even for managing more complex situations.

We work as:

  • members of Boards of Auditors, even in companies subject to regulations (listed companies, financial intermediaries, insurance companies);
  • members of Boards of Directors;
  • members of Supervisory boards as required by models of the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

We look after:

  • financial auditing;
  • accounting assistance for client company management, auditing and financial departments, conversion from group to local accounting principles;
  • review of forecasts and asseveration of financial plans;
  • assessment of the in-house supervisory system.